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Young children have spent a short time on the earth therefore much about it is a mystery to them.  In a world dominated by technology, it is amazing that we can still be mesmerised by something that is not on a screen; something as wonderous as a shiny spider’s web sparkling with dew upon a wet, Autumn morning.  Our wonders will guide our adventures. We will seek out moments that wow and captivate children, causing their eyes to shine and their tongues to stick out in deep concentration.

Invite your child to place where our wonders guide our adventures… 

Our Values

Imagination / Energy / Resilience / Questioning / Language / Cooperation

A Thinking Nursery

We are a ‘Thinking’ nursery. We provide wonderous experiences that stimulate children’s senses so that the brain develops.

 Tailored Curriculum

As a part of the Thinking Schools Academy Trust, our ‘curiosity’ curriculum  is planned by experienced teachers and practitioners who understand the next stage of education and are committed to laying the very best foundations during the early years for their all-through thinking journey. 

Lighting Up Learning

We know that learning habits are vital for success. We support our children to learn about the world through cause and effect and by refining our questions to ensure children think in a clear and logical way. The theory behind Edward De Bono's Thinking hats is employed to encourage children to use their senses to state facts, solve problems independently and to recognise and respond to emotions.

Parent Quotes

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Little Thinkers is a place where you feel your child is safe and happy. 

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The nursery is comfortable, clean and homely. 

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My child has settled so well at Little Thinkers.

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